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v 4.0
- added: number of controls for data sending is increased
- added: optional postfix macros for each message (see Profile->Postfix macros...)
- added: End-of-Line split option for received data
- added: /capture command line option for running application with Capture Mode being activated
- modified: log file format (regional settings independent)
- modified: the View -> Log... menu item is available now in the Capture Mode
- modified: active profile tab highlighting
- modified: increased number of visible items in drop-down messages lists in the Send message Dialog
- modified: max label's size of the macro in use is enlarged (Main screen)
- bug fixed: Expand/Brief button is hidden in some cases
- bug fixed: wrong text on the Expand/Brief button in the Send message Dialog when 'From file' field is not empty
- bug fixed: macro in use doesn't update when switching profiles (Send message Dialog)
- bug fixed: can't show data for ports COM17-COM255 in the Log View Dialog
- bug fixed: width of the quick send control was shrinked in some cases
- bug fixed: disappearing buttons in the message book's drop-down panel

v 3.9
- added: option to exclude a port range from the scan procedure (helps to avoid software's slow functioning on some hardware if proper configured)
- added: input and output data save as binary option
- added: 'Select All' context menu item
- added: MSL functions get_dsr(), get_cts(), get_dcd(), get_ring()
- modified: keeping output filename and raw option for every device profile
- modified: keeping position of the Send message window
- modified: long filename truncation in the Send message Dialog to show filename instead of path
- modified: macro CRLF.gc for appending CR and LF characters included to the distribution package
- modified: menu 'Device' renamed to 'Profile'
- bug fixed: MSL queue_size() function returns unsigned integer value (causes calculation error when used in expressions)

v 3.8
- bug fixed: incorrect cycles counter decrement when using macro scripts in cyclic transfers
- modified: converted the documentation to HTML Help format for compatibility with Windows Vista

v 3.7
======= - bug fixed: macro scripts incorrect computations
- bug fixed: incorrect switching from the capture mode
- bug fixed: incorrect data view in the capture mode when capturing from 2 and more ports simultaneously
- bug fixed: start/stop buttons' state highlighting

v 3.6
- added: limit the number of lines in the grid feature
- modified: positions of the direction and date/time columns in the capture mode and the log view dialog
- modified: user interface in the capture mode
- modified: preferences dialog layout
- modified: max width of the 'data' and 'ascii' columns changed to 2048
- modified: trial period reminder
- modified: setup package fully rewritten
- bug fixed: menu item "Options->Com port..." didn't work

v 3.5
- added: 'Listen' mode
- added: text search feature in the terminal mode
- added: copy to the clipboard feature in the 'Sent' grid (terminal mode)
- added: Tx/Rx activity view and quick search
- added: toggle DTR\RTS signals using F9\F10 keys (terminal mode)
- added: macro text's syntax highlighting in the Macro Dialog
- added: "More..." button opens MSL.HLP file in the Macro Dialog
- added macro functions: queue_clear(), queue_size(), queue_at(), queue_putx(), queue_puts(), queue_putsx(), queue_send()
- changed: the Signals Dialog replaced with the Signals Bar
- changed: text search algorithm for data columns
- changed: context menus' items order
- bug fixed: incorrect usage of the 'bytes per line' value of the 'Receive' group

v 3.0.3
- bug fixed: data send freezes when hardware flow control is used and CTS/DSR is low
- bug fixed: CTS,DTR,DCD,RING signals led state update issue
- added: savesettings.bat and restoresettings.bat for COM Port Toolkit's registry settings save and restore

v 3.0.2
- bug fixed: incorrect system memory usage determine
- bug fixed: error message on startup when using Win 95/98/ME

v 3.0
- added: Rx parity errors highlighting option in terminal mode
- added: data export to HTML table (encoded in UTF-8)
- added: text search feature in the capture mode
- added: automatic ceasing data collection when system memory usage exceeds 90%
- added: help search
- modified: data acquire code completely rewritten for better timing accuracy
- modified: GUI responsibility optimization for high rate data transmitting
- modified: optimized for less CPU usage
- modified: hardware flow control options changed ('hardware' replaced with 'RTS/CTS', added 'DTR/DSR', HandshakingMode registry key is obsolete)
- modified: send raw file size limit is 1024K now (instead 64K)
- modified: 'Sent' and 'ASCII' columns of the output data view in terminal mode contain only first 128 bytes of the message to improve performance (when 'bytes per line' option is not used)
- modified: 'Clear' button does not interrupt sending now
- modified: minor GUI changes
- bug fixed: 'Open Log' cancelation cleared the log window
- bug fixed: 'ASCII' column data exporting in the Log Dialog and 'Received' window
- bug fixed: text upward search didn't work properly in the Log view dialog
- bug fixed: very rare error with stopping cyclic data send on some machines

v 2.8
- added: group bytes selection for all grids
- added: font selecting for data panels
- added: ability to hide/show Sent and Received data panels
- added: 'Esc' button closes any dialog
- added: 'Exit' menu item
- added: leading zeros for milliseconds field if needed
- modified: split data settings separated for capture and terminal modes
- modified: Send Message and Macros dialogs are resizeable now
- modified: menu 'Info' renamed to 'Help'
- modified: time column's format is "" regardless of system regional settings
- modified: removed main dialog's maximum size restriction
- bug fixed: beep on Esc and Enter keys when using quick send panel
- bug fixed: quick send panel activation for 'String' data type
- bug fixed: export didn't work properly with invisible '#' column in the Log Dialog

v 2.7
- added hardware handshaking option to use RTS/CTS only:
- added macro functions: set_comm_break(),clear_comm_break()
- bug fixed: 'Refresh' button's text didn't localized in Com Port Configuration Dialog
- bug fixed: 'Split data' settings restored incorrectly sometimes on application run

v 2.6
- added: split data options for capture mode
- bug fixed: sometimes hanged on port/application close when receiving a data
- bug fixed: memory leak when logging enabled

v 2.5
- added: ASCII column in the output data grid
- added: quick send panel
- added: saving the output data type (HEX or String) and macro settings on close
- added: MSL functions puts(Var strData), putsx(Var strHexCodedData)
- modified: data export includes '#' column
- modified: all grid's columns are visible by default after first start
- modified: help files
- bug fixed: selecting zero in split data options caused error
- bug fixed: space characters string has been processed incorrectly in hex mode

v 2.4
- added: send raw data from a file option
- added: data blocks split option
- added: hot keys F5,F6,F7,F8 are defined for messages sending
- modified: the 'Open port' button's hint shows a port to be opened
- modified: the stop button appears only when sending a data using a cyclic transfer or macro
- modified: data export operations optimized by speed
- bug fixed: blocking other applications' hot keys Ctrl+F and F3
- bug fixed: wrong output data size limitation (4K instead 64K)
- bug fixed: saving a data to a file in the capture mode was causing the clipboard clearing
- bug fixed: the main dialog activation was causing a cyclic transfer interruption
- bug fixed: CR characters replaced with a space characters when sending a file with 'String' data type being selected.

v 2.32
- bug fixed: incorrect multi-line data showing in capture mode

v 2.31
- bug fixed: main dialog's activation clears a text entered in the Send Message Dialog

v 2.3
- added: text searching, filtering and printing in the Log Dialog
- added: messages book's record can be quickly selected by double clicking on it.
- bug fixed: macro selection problem
- bug fixed: possible exception message when 'compt.ini' file doesn't exist

v 2.2
- nag screen appears after 30-days trial without registration
- added saving last device worked with on exit
- added auto scrolling control function in capture mode
- bug fixed: controls incorrect arrangement in log view dialog
- bug fixed: incoming data grid does not fit to window on start when using macro (Windows XP only)

v 2.1
- added log operation in the 'Capture' mode
- added milliseconds field in a log
- added "#" column in all grids
- added incoming data processing support in MSL: see on_read(),getx(),
- added global variables view dialog
- changed: log writing speed significantly increased
- changed: log view dialog controls layout
- bug fixed: ports COM5-COM255 capturing cause system crash on some systems
- bug fixed: input buffer overflows when "receive on/off" button is used

v 2.02
- bug fixed: serial port capturing does not work on Windows 95/98/Me
- added support up to 255 ports in serial port capturing drivers

v 2.01
- separate NT/9x installations
- bug fixed: incorrect language resources loading in a context menus

v 2.0
- added 'Capture' mode
- bug fixed: application may hangs during termination when 2 or more copy is running
- bug fixed: cyclic transfer does not interrupted when switching devices tabs
- bug fixed: last message does not stored on Send Message Dialog close

v 1.71
- bug fixed: possible a messages slow typing when multiple-device mode selected
- memory leaks removed

v 1.7
- added hardware flow control mode
- DTR/RTS signals' states are stored on application close
- DTR/RTS controls replaced with a Signals dialog
- 'Memo' replaced with a 'Message Book'
- added open/close port function
- help system improvements
- fixed behavior of % operation with signed operands
- messages length is changed from 1024 bytes to 65536
- last used HEX/ASCII mode is stored now
- standard method of detecting serial ports has been changed
- robust (but very slow) serial ports detecting method is available:
- bug fixed '"" not a valid integer value'
- minor interface improvements

v 1.64
- large fonts support
- minor bugs fixes

v 1.63
- ports detection procedure improved
- bug fixed with symbolic labels processing

v 1.6
- new serial ports detecting procedure (COM16 limit removed)
- added list of available/used serial ports
- added input controls number selection in the Send Message dialog
- added multiple messages in a macro support
- added labels for current selected macros
- fixed incorrect tab order in a dialogs
- minor bugs fixes and changes

v 1.5
- uninstall support
- minor bugs fixes and changes

v 1.4
- added symbolic labels for a frequently using commands
- added port parameters changing from the status bar
- minor bugs fixed: load message from a file fails with a long directory names,
hints shows incorrect data

v 1.3
- added statistics collecting and viewing
- improved a running macro behaviour
- corrected a few bugs

v 1.1
- the .wln language files have been replaced with one dll (compte.dll)

v 1.0
- internal macro language to gain full control over data transfer
- saving parameters of communication port and output history for each device you use
- time marks for incoming and outcoming messages
- time synchronizing between output and input lists
- view incoming data in HEX or/and ASCII
- copy selection from incoming data list to file or clipboard

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